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As we enter the peak of hurricane season, preparing your boat for a hurricane or severe storm is essential to protect your vessel and minimize damage. Here's a comprehensive checklist to help you get your boat ready:

 1. Check the Weather Forecast: Monitor weather updates and hurricane warnings. Preparation should begin well in advance of the storm.

 2. Create a Hurricane Plan: Have a clear plan in place for your boat, whether it's storing it in a hurricane-rated marina, hauling it out of the water, or securing it in a safe location.

 3. Review Your Insurance Policy: Ensure your boat insurance is up to date and provides adequate coverage for hurricane damage.

 4. Remove Valuables: Take any valuable or irreplaceable items off the boat,

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U-Tiki Beach

Jupiter, Florida is known for its beautiful waterfront and offers several dining options accessible by boat. 

Here are just a few waterfront dining options that are popular in the Jupiter area for you to try:

 U-Tiki Beach: U-Tiki Beach is a popular waterfront restaurant located on the Jupiter Inlet. It offers both indoor and outdoor seating with great views of the water and Jupiter Lighthouse.

Square Grouper Tiki Bar: This laid-back tiki bar and restaurant is located on the Jupiter Inlet as well. It's a favorite among boaters and locals for its relaxed atmosphere and live music.

Guanabanas: Guanabanas is a tropical-themed restaurant and bar situated on the Loxahatchee River. It's

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