Joe Kelly, Broker/Vice President

Joe is a native South Floridian with a lifelong passion for boats and the water. Joe is the co-founder of Waterfront Yacht Brokerage and brings a unique perspective to the company. His many years as a licensed captain (100 Ton Captains License) and marine/boating expertise give him the exceptional ability to "pair the right boat with the right owner."

Joe says, “Success isn’t just a sale. What’s most exciting and rewarding is the first time the owner truly runs the boat and tells us that the vessel performed well beyond expectation. Even within the same name brand and size, different vessels and hull designs have widely varying performance characteristics. These are the types of details we don’t overlook. The results are truly amazing – our clients find the sometimes complex task of buying and selling boats/yachts to be both enjoyable and gratifying.”
Joe and co-partner, Rob Thomson, site other advantages for clients of Waterfront Yacht Brokerage. Speed to transaction and robust resources are high on the list. The company is well-recognized and highly respected within their market for putting clients on the right boat… and they do it quickly, through the use of Waterfront Yacht Brokerages’ industry leading technology.

Joe explains, "Our clients have high expectations. We know it, we respect it, and we cater to it. The little free time out clients have, they want to spend on the water… and we do all the work to make it happen.”

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