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Ever imagined eating at a fast food restaurant on the water? Well in Vancouver, British Colombia, Robert Allen Ltd turned that dream into a reality. In 1986, the floating fast food phenomenon known as the McBarge was created for the World Expo on False Creek in British Colombia.

The McBarge cost 6.3 million dollars to build and was one of the most popular attractions at the Expo. The design aesthetic was constructed to look like a futuristic space ship and was marketed as a luxury dining experience. The interior featured hardwood floors with potted plants and astonishing views from large windows. The kitchen was hidden from sight and the food would arrive on conveyor belts to offer diners a unique experience.

Unfortunately, just

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*Small Crafts Exercise Caution through the weekend. 

Today: Northeast winds 15 to 20 knots, seas 5 to 7 feet with occasional seas to 9 feet, dominant period 6 seconds, intracoastal waters choppy in exposed areas.  

Tonight: East northeast winds 10 to 15 knots along the coast  to east northeast 15 to 20 knots in the gulf stream, seas 4 to  6 feet with occasional seas to 8 feet, dominant period 5 seconds,  intracoastal waters choppy in exposed areas, a chance of showers  and a slight chance of thunderstorms through the night.  

Saturday: East northeast winds 15 to 20 knots, seas 4 to  6 feet with occasional seas to 8 feet, dominant period 9 seconds,  intracoastal waters choppy in exposed areas, a chance of showers  and a slight chance of

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Photo By: Guanabanas Island Restaurant and Bar

One of South Florida’s best attributes is its waterfront bars and restaurants. In this article, I will go over some spots in Jupiter, FL where you will enjoy mouthwatering food with a view that reminds us why we are so lucky to live here.

1) Guanabanas- Located at: 960 N Hwy A1A, this waterfront paradise boasts a lush tropical island feel with great cuisine and cocktails. It is 100% open air with tiki huts and banyan trees overhead and hand-chiseled coquina stone pathways underfoot. Guanabanas is dedicated to fulfilling each guest with a one-of-a-kind outdoor dining experience.

2) Jetty’s Waterfront Restaurant- Located at 1075 N Hwy A1A, this family friendly restaurant has been one of South

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Photo By: James Harms

Now that Hurricane Matthew has passed, it is time for you fishermen to get back out on the water and catch some fish.

The fishing before the hurricane was awesome due to the large mullet run and reports are showing that there are still a ton of mullet in the area, so look for snook, tarpon, and jacks to be feasting on these little guys.

The bottom bite has been awesome off the coast, with a large number of cobia and grouper being caught in about 90 to 150 feet of water. In depths of 75-95 feet, you will find some yellowtail and vermillion snapper.

While they are still scattered, there have also been reports of an awesome dolphin bite along the coast in a depth range of 300 to 500 feet where there are great weedlines.

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Photo By: @SEALEGS

Have you ever imagined having a boat that can also drive on land? Well, with Sealegs amphibious rigid inflatable boats (RIB), that is exactly what you get. Sealegs International was born ten years ago and operates out of its factory in Albany, New Zealand. The company started as a dream and now ten years later has grown into the largest amphibious boating manufacturer in the world. As of today, Sealegs has made over one thousand amphibious crafts that can be found in over forty countries around the world. 

The founder of the company, Maurice Bryham, created Sealegs to remove the trouble of boat launching and retrieval. He knows the future of the company relies on quality manufacturing and engineering as well as the

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Photo by: Grand Bahama Relief

As most of you know, Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc in the Bahamas. The category 3 Hurricane slashed through the islands of the Bahamas with 140 mile per hour winds, causing significant damage to homes, buildings, power lines and power plants. There was severe flooding and significant wind damage leaving trees and poles collapsed in the middle of roads which has prevented people from leaving. Tons of people are still without power or running water and many are even without a home or shelter.

The Bahamas is like a second home to many South Floridians. It is a boater’s paradise and the great people of the Bahamas are like a second family. They are truly in need of serious help. In efforts to show love and support to

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Photo by: Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

It is no secret why Florida has the nickname “The Sunshine State”. Each year South Florida sees about 3,000 hours of sun making it the perfect place for boating. The City of Fort Lauderdale, which has over 300 miles of inland waterways and is home to about 50,000 yachts, is known as “The Yachting Capital of the World”.

The city is as much afloat as it is grounded and the whole city is boat oriented. The boating industry in itself employs about 130,000 people in Fort Lauderdale. With the great tropical weather and easy access to the Caribbean, Fort Lauderdale is the perfect place to own a boat. Fort Lauderdale is also home to the two largest cruise ships and the largest international boat show on the planet.

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Choosing the right boat is sometimes a difficult task as every boat has its pros and cons. When looking for a boat that molds to your lifestyle on the water, you first must understand there is no such thing as perfection. The only thing you can do is choose a boat that is the better fit for you than all the others. In this article, I will go over some of the advantages of owning a center console boat.

One great advantage of a center console, is improved visibility. Due to the helm being placed in the very center of the vessel, you have superior visibility in all directions. Whether taking the family out for a cruise or going fishing with friends, having better vision will keep everyone safer especially when navigating in shallow waters.

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Photo by: Lauderdale Marine Center

With over a 60-acre facility and the ability to handle over 300 vessels, Fort Lauderdale is home to the largest Shipyard in the United States, known as the “Lauderdale Marine Center”.

The Lauderdale Marine Center contains 110 out of water spaces, 20 out of water covered sheds, 8 in water covered sheds, 156 wet slips, and up to 330-ton travel lifts. The Center provides a facility that is safe, clean, convenient, and well maintained. LMC has 60 on site contractors and over 100 more local certified contractors. They are excited to offer a one stop shop for full service repairs that are the leader in the industry. 

The Marina is what every boat owner wishes for. LMC has 24-hour security, a crew lounge with free

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Florida’s coastline from Sebastian to Jupiter is known as “The Treasure Coast”. In 1715, two fleets of Spanish ships were on a trip to collect treasure.

One fleet was a force of 5 ships called the New Spain Flota. This fleet went to Mexico to load up with gold, silver, and emeralds. The other fleet consisted of six ships and was called the Tierra Firme. This fleet went to South America to gather gold, silver, and pearls. After they were done, the two fleets went to Cuba to regroup before the long journey of heading back to Spain as one fleet.

These ships were carrying an estimated two hundred million to one billion dollars in today’s money. The fleet had a French warship by its side to protect against pirates along the way home. Five days into

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